Benefits Of grafting Fruit Trees

The Benefits Of Grafting Fruit Trees

There are many benefits and advantages of grafting fruit trees. Fruit tree grafting is a very useful and popular plant propagation technique. Grafting is one of the asexual propagation methods. Mostly used in the propagation of fruit trees like mangos, avocados and citrus trees, etc.

Grafting is the act of taking a portion of a plant (bud or scion) and placing it into or on a stem, root, or branch of another plant (stock) in such a way that a union will be joining together and will continue to grow as a single plant.

There are so many reasons and benefits for grafting fruit trees. I will be discussing each of them below.

Benefits Of grafting Fruit Trees

  1. Grafted fruit trees just like other asexual propagation methods produce fruits quicker and earlier than fruit trees grow from seed. This is Because the scion is taken from a matured tree that is already fruiting.
  2. Fruit grafting can be used to produce disease-resistant fruit trees. This is achieved by grafting on more resistant rootstocks. Specially selected rootstocks resistant to diseases are selected to be used as rootstock for grafting.
  3. It is used to introduce new species of fruit varieties that are not adaptable to a particular region. The scion can be grafted to a well adaptable rootstock that grows well in the area or region.
  4. Growing trees from grafting helps to ensure the fruit is identical to the (mother tree) the scion are taken from. Asexual propagation such as grafting is sometimes referred to as cloning.
  5. A grafted fruit tree will continue to give the same quality fruits as the mother tree the scion is taken from.
  6. Some trees end up developing more resistance to diseases and adverse conditions than other trees. This disease resistance and hardiness are transferred from the rootstock (the plant being grafted onto) to the scion (the plant being propagated).
  7. Fruit grafting can be used to change fruit variety to another desirable fruit variety. This is mostly used in commercial fruit production.
  8. Grafting can be used to produce a tree with two or multiple fruit varieties also known as (a fruit salad tree).

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