Kumquat citrus fruit tree

Growing Kumquat Trees In Nigeria

kumquats are small sweaty and tart citrus fruits that can be eaten whole without peeling the bark. The fruits are normally round, oval-shaped, and bell-shaped. Kumquat (Citrus japonica) is a species of citrus.

Kumquat trees native to eastern Asia, are relatively small and look beautiful. There are many varieties of kumquats, but there are four varieties mostly cultivated all over the world.

In Nigeria and other tropical areas in the world, kumquat trees can be easily grown just like other citrus species like sweet oranges. You can get seedlings for planting from any trusted fruit nursery farm closer to your location.

It grows well inside pots if you don’t have space in your backyard you can always grow inside a container.

  • Nagami: This is the most popular variety, also known as oval kumquat. It is the most common type of kumquat variety you can get in most nurseries in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Nagami kumquat has a sweet and slightly sour taste like lemon.
  • Meiwa: It is a Large round kumquat that is very sweet, a hybrid of ‘Nagami’ and ‘Marumi’.
  • Marumi: Round kumquat, a bit spicier in flavor than ‘Nagami’.
  • Hong Kong: A native version, mostly found in hilly or mountain regions of China.

Kumquat Tree Care: How to Grow Kumquats

How to Plant

Start by purchasing a kumquat tree from our nursery or any other local nursery. Plant the tree in a good sunny spot during the rainy season, you can also plant during the dry season with constant irrigation.

After choosing a good spot to plant it, dig a hole carefully place the tree into the hall and ensure that the soil is level with the ground. Add organic fertilizers or farmyard manure and tap down the soil for a smooth layer.

Water the plant thoroughly and don’t allow the soil to become dry. Water at least once a day until the tree is well established.

Ensure proper watering and soil conditions for about a month and then fertilize. You can use a high-quality citrus formula.


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