Red Custard Apple Fruit

Custard Apple Fruit And How To Grow It In Nigeria

Custard Apple Fruit And How To Grow It In Nigeria, just like soursop which is popularly known and grown all over Nigeria. Custard apple is a sweet and creamy fruit from the same Annona family as soursop and sweetsop. The flavor is sweet and has a distinct character of cherimoya, sugar apple, or atemoya.

The skin, is thin but tough, maybe yellow or brownish when ripe, with a pink, reddish or brownish-red blush, and faintly, moderately, or distinctly reticulated. Custard apple has a thick cream-white layer of custardlike, somewhat granular, the flesh beneath the skin surrounding the concolorous moderately juicy segments, in many of which there is a single, hard, dark-brown or black, glossy seed, oblong, smooth, less than 1/2 in (1.25 cm) long.


Custard apple fruits are mostly grown from seeds. It can also be propagated by budding or grafting onto its own seedlings, soursop, or pond apple rootstocks. Custard apple seedlings can also be used as rootstocks for the soursop, sugar apple, and atemoya. The air-layering technique is another way in which custard apples can be propagated.

Planting Custard Apple Trees

Get a healthy and disease-free custard apple seedling to plant from a good nursery around your area. You can a well-grafted custard apple seedlings from our nursery. Plant custard apples in well-drained soil to avoid water logging for proper growing conditions. Also, add enough fruit fertilizer or manure to well enrich the soil nutrient and ensure rapid growth. After planting the custard apple, you have to irrigate the plant during the dry season to ensure the survival of the seedling planted.

A custard apple tree can start producing flowers for fruits after 2-3 years of planting the seedling.

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