How To Grow Pomegranate Fruit Tree In Nigeria

How To Grow Pomegranate Fruit Tree In Nigeria

In Nigeria growing a pomegranate tree is not difficult because the tree grows well in a hot tropical climate like Nigeria. Pomegranate with the scientific name (Punica granatum) is a very sweet and tasty fruit that is grown in most tropical and semi-tropical climates around the world. It has a leathery rind and the inside is packed with sweet, juicy edible seeds. Pomegranate fruits contain lots of antioxidants and have many health benefits. Some varieties are yellow and dark red but the red variety is most widely grown around the world.

The pomegranate fruits are not popularly grown in Nigeria. You can get the fruits in stores and supermarkets in Nigeria. Growing pomegranate fruit trees in your home, garden, bark yard, or farm is a good idea. Pomegranate fruits are costly in the Nigerian markets if you are lucky to find them. You can easily grow pomegranate trees inside containers if you don’t have space at home to plant them.

Steps To Take In Growing Pomegranate Trees

First, get your pomegranate seedlings for planting from a reliable plant nursery around your area. Prepare the ground for planting choose a very sunny area with well-drained soil. Pomegranate cannot grow well in water-logged areas, you have to make sure the soil is adequately drained. Pomegranate trees need about 8 to 12 hours of sunlight every day to produce good fruits.

Dig the ground about 10cm in depth remove the seedling from the plastic bag and put it inside the ground. Add manure or organic fertilizers into the soil cover it up with soil and also water it.

Water the young pomegranate at least once every two days, If you planted it during the dry season you should water it every day.

Pomegranate Tree Care

After about a year after planting pomegranate trees can start producing fruits and flower blooms. Most times they normally shed the flowers in the first and second year of planting them. You will start getting pomegranate fruits from the third year.

Check the tree occasionally for insects and pest attacks, and treat them by spraying good insecticides on the tree. Also carefully prune out dead and dried stems from the Pomegranate tree. And also always prune the tree back into a good sharp not to be bushy.

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