How To Prepare Lemon Water Detox Drink

How To Prepare Lemon Water Detox Drink

Here you learn how to prepare a lemon water detox drink and prepare it for your own use anytime you want. This is a healthy detox drink that helps to remove toxins from the body. You take a glass of the lemon detox in the morning and also in the evening before your dinner.


  1. 2 fresh lemon fruit.
  2. A glass jar or empty bottle of water.
  3. Kitchen knife
  4. A tray
  5. Clean drinkable water.


First, you have to get fresh lemon fruits from the tree in your garden or purchase them from the supermarket. Wash two lemon fruits properly, and slice the lemons in a tray without peeling the back. After slicing the lemons in the tray, then cut the sliced lemons into pieces.

Sliced Lemons for detox drink
Sliced Lemons

Get a clean glass jar or empty bottle of water that is clean, and put all the lemon that is chopped into pieces inside. Pour clean drinkable water inside till it is filled up inside the glass jar and the empty bottle of water. Cover and shake it very well to mix properly and leave it for 24 hours after preparation.


  1. It helps to remove toxins from the body.
  2. It purifies the body and improves the excretion of unwanted substances out of the body.
  3. The lemon citrus fruit also provides other essential vitamins that are good for the body.
  4. The lemon detox drinks help to reduce body fat and burn stomach fat. It is very good and efficient in weight reduction.

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