Orange, Cucumber, and Banana Fruit Juice

Orange, Cucumber, and Banana Fruit Juice

Learn how to prepare a healthy fruit juice made from Sweet orange, cucumber, and banana fruits. This fruit juice can also be taken in the morning as breakfast. This fruit juice contains a lot of vitamins needed in the body system. It also helps to boost our immune system and nourishes the body.

How To Prepare The Orange, Cucumber, And Banana Juice

Here are the steps to help you prepare this amazing fruit juice. Get 2 cucumbers, 5 oranges, and 5 bananas to make the fruit juice.

Items Needed For The Prepare

  • An Electric Blender
  • Kitchen Knife
  • Sieve
  • Plastic bowl/Jug
  • Orange juice squeezer


  1. Get all your fruits and water them properly in water and slice the banana and cucumber in separate bowls.
  2. Use the Orange juice squeezer to extract the orange juice inside a cup.
  3. Blend the cucumber first using the electric blender and a little water inside the blender to help in blending it easily.
  4. After blending the cucumber very well, sieve the juice out inside a cup.
  5. Now pour the orange juice and cucumber juice extracted inside the blender and slice the banana inside too and blend all together.
  6. Pour the final fruit juice into a jug or a container. It can also be refrigerated and served when cold.

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