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5 Annona Fruits Species That Can Be Grown In Nigeria

Nigeria, with its diverse climates and rich soil, provides an excellent environment for cultivating a wide variety of fruits. Among these, the Annona genus stands out for its unique and flavorful fruits. Annona fruits are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients. In this article, we’ll explore five Annona species that are well-suited …

Red Custard Apple Fruit

Custard Apple Fruit And How To Grow It In Nigeria

Custard Apple Fruit And How To Grow It In Nigeria, just like soursop which is popularly known and grown all over Nigeria. Custard apple is a sweet and creamy fruit from the same Annona family as soursop and sweetsop. The flavor is sweet and has a distinct character of cherimoya, sugar apple, or atemoya. The …