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Propagating Mango Trees through Air Layering

Propagating Mango Trees through Air Layering

Mangoes, often hailed as the “king of fruits,” are not only a delectable tropical delight but also a prized addition to any home orchard. If you’re a mango enthusiast and wish to expand your collection of mango trees or cultivate a new generation of these delicious fruits, air layering is a valuable propagation technique you …

Benefits Of grafting Fruit Trees

The Benefits Of Grafting Fruit Trees

There are many benefits and advantages of grafting fruit trees. Fruit tree grafting is a very useful and popular plant propagation technique. Grafting is one of the asexual propagation methods. Mostly used in the propagation of fruit trees like mangos, avocados and citrus trees, etc. Grafting is the act of taking a portion of a …